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  Kenworth R&D Facility

A 25,000 square foot Production Facility with a 1,000 square foot mezzanine.  The roof structure was designed to support five 5-ton cranes.  The two-way structural slab is supported on driven grout piles in a sensitive/contaminated industrial area.

Architect - Freiheit & Ho Architects
Contractor - Lease Crutcher Lewis



Stock Pot Soups

A 216,000 square foot Production Facility with 30,000 square feet of second floor office space.

Shell Architect - Lance Mueller & Associates
Interior Architect/Process Designer - The Dennis Group
Contractor - Panatonni Construction



Technical Glass Products

A 130,000 square foot Production Facility with 45,000 square feet of office space on three floors.

Architect - Synthesis PLLC
Contractor - Opus NW Contractors
Developer - Opus NW



US Postal Distribution Center

The project involved the remodel of two buildings into the main distribution facility in Seattle.  A link building was added between the existing buildings and loading dock extensions were added to each building.  A grid of structural beams was added between the existing building columns to support the equipment used to sort the mail.

Architect - The Sabey Corporation
Contractor - The Sabey Corporation