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AMB Valley Distribution Center

A new warehouse building of 750,000 square feet.

Architect - David Kehle Architect
Contractor - Poe Construction
Owner - AMB Property Corporation



Valley Avenue Corporate Park

A collection of five buildings totaling approximately 443,000 square feet.

Architect - Synthesis PLLC
Contractor - Pennon Construction
Developer - Schnitzer West



Prologis Seatac

Two tilt-up concrete buildings with hybrid steel/wood roof systems.  Each building is approximately 700,000 square feet.  The slab-on-grade was sloped 0.5% to allow for the site elevation changes to be minimized.

Architect - Craft Architects
Contractor - Sierra Construction
Developer - ProLogis



Sumner Corporate Park

A collection of nine buildings; seven of which have been designed with five of those having been built.  The buildings will total approximately 2,740,000 square feet.

Architect - Lance Mueller & Associates
Contractors - Various
Developer - Michelson Knapp Land Venture LLC




Riverfront Industrial Park

Building 'A' is 388,000 square feet and Building 'B' is 385,000 square feet.

Architect - Ainsley Architecture PS
Contractor - Foushee & Associates
Owner - AMB Property Corporation